Corrosion Control--Electrical and Avionics Wire

Lee H. Erb, EAA Chap 1000 Det 5, Arlington TX

Originally published December 1997

Every airplane owner/builder should have a copy in reference of "WIRE, a nick in time," by Ed Maher. It was published in Avionics News in November, 1996. I got a copy from Larry Cheatwood when he was speaker at a Chapter 34 Monthly Maintenance Seminar in August.

Larry made a great presentation of what to look for in avionic installations. If you are near Cleburne, TX airport, stop and see him at Campus Avionics Service, (817) 556-2070. He is also into GPS (but I donít have his coordinates).

Back to the article. I knew that stripping wire was an art, but several tools are discussed. The author does not like my Scout knife method. I did not know that wire from an antenna may corrode under the insulation for FOUR FEET without proper seals in the connectors.

The 18-page article (which I have only 7 pages) covers a whole lot more and reminded me that electrical cable has a minimum bend radius just like sheet metal and hydraulic tubing.

Get a copy, at least for the Chapter 1000 library.

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