Still More on Alodining...

Doug Dodson, Chap 1000 Det 4, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Originally published November 1996

Just a note to compliment the newsletter team. I really liked Charlie Wagner's alodine article. I wish I could have seen his demo. Even a plastic airplane like my Glasair has lots of metal parts. I alodine them but my procedure will change slightly thanks to the information in that article.

Project update: I mated the wing and fuselage on my Glasair II-S FT on Saturday, 19 Oct 96. That happened to be precisely the 5th anniversary of the kit delivery to my front door. The wing will remain attached for a time but will come off again to simplify other construction tasks. Nevertheless, it is an exciting milestone to see all the big pieces put together for the first time. I am in the market for a Lycoming IO-360 if anyone has a line on a good one.

- Opie

aka Doug Dodson

EAA Chapter 1000 Det 4, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

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