Index to Corrosion Control Articles

Alodining (October 1996) - Details on how to apply chemical conversion coatings to aluminum structures; important for corrosion control.

More on Alodining (November 1996) - Issues concerning disposal of alodining chemicals.

Still More on Alodining (November 1996) - Building a composite aircraft? Think you don't need to worry about aluminum parts?

Corrosion Protection--Introduction (January 1997) - First of a series of articles on preventing corrosion in aluminum structures.  This article answers the question "Why should I bother?"

Abrasive Pads (February 1997) - More than you cared to know about Scotch Brite pads

Corrosion Control - Biodegradable Cleaner (April/May 1997) - Clean your parts and be environmentally friendly too!

Corrosion Control - Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminum Alloys (May 1997) - Another look at applying chemical conversion coatings

Corrosion Control - Sealing Faying Surfaces (June 1997) - Sealing the water out to prevent corrosion

Corrosion Control - Sealants and/versus Primers (July 1997) - What to use to seal out that water

Corrosion Control - Galvanic Table (August 1997) - Figure out which of two dissimilar metals will corrode

Corrosion Control - Don't Mix Titanium and Cadmium (September 1997) - Important points whether you're building an SR-71 or using a titanium gear spring

Corrosion Control - Types of Corrosion (October 1997)

Corrosion Control - Material Selection (December 1997) - What's the difference between all of these aluminum alloys?

Corrosion Control - Electrical and Avionics Wire (December 1997) - News on an article about the proper care of wire

Corrosion Control - Industrial Wash Primer (March 1998) - A review of Sherwin Williams P60 G 2, R7 K 44 Wash Primer

Corrosion Control - More on Wash Primers (April 1998) - More info about wash primers in general

Corrosion Control - Where Do You Find Corrosion? (June 1998)

Yes, Composites Can Deteriorate Too (June 1998)

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