Abrasive Pads

Lee Erb, Chap 1000 Det 5, Arlington TX, Chap 34

Originally published February 1997

There is a CID (Commercial Item Description) 5 April 1996 which supersedes MIL-A-9962A which covers non-woven, non-metallic (nylon) abrasive mats such as Scotchbrite pads. It is important to know if the pads you are using to build your airplane meet one of these specs so that you do not initiate corrosion on aluminum by using the wrong pad (like steel wool).

The pads are not pure nylon but have a thermosetting adhesive holding an abrasive material.

Designations - by Type, Class, and Grade.


Aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and silicon carbide are classed as ceramics. Although one aerospace manufacturer specifies aluminum oxide pads for cleaning before chemical film treatment, I have it on good authority that all three ceramics are okay for aluminum.

At present I do no not know what the abrasive material is for the kitchen variety Green or Blue pads.


Homebuilders need not be concerned of this but our government purchasing people do.



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