Operation Rubidoux Sundown I

Bob Waldmiller

Originally published March 1993

(Note: These operations were not officially named "Rubidoux Sundown" until the following year. However, the Project Police have nothing against doctoring the records to make ourselve look better...)

Not rain nor snow, low freezing levels nor clouds can prevent the...by now infamous...Project Police from conducting their investigations and gentle harassment of homebuilders. This time the target was none other than EAA Chapter 1 at Flabob Airport during their annual fund-raising event. Proudly displaying the EAA Chapter 1000 logo and a Project Police hat or two, we left little doubt who we were and what we were there for. The mere sight of the nine of us in Russ Erb's van was enough to get a chuckle or two from the parking attendant but at twelve bucks a head for dinner no one in Chapter 1 dared turn us away.

There was a lot to see before dinner such as a restored Curtis Robin, a stainless steel Fleetwing Seabird amphibian, an award winning Stits Playmate, a few RV-*s, and a bunch of other flying machines. It took most of the day to examine all of Flabob's toys and a glance into a few of the open hangars was like time warping into the past, present, and future all at the same time. In one hangar a replica racer, the Firecracker, from the golden age of air racing was going together; in another, barbecue chicken. There were Marquart Chargers, a V-8 powered Tailwind, a VW Type-4 powered air-machine, a Corvair powered KR-2, and a few kiddie powered pedal planes.

One more walk by the hangar with the barbecue chicken and we were ready for dinner. However, when the lines started forming the Project Police instantly seized the opportunity to cite Chapter 1 for lack of crowd control. It's been said that the only thing that stands between us and our neanderthoid instincts is food--which meant that the entire crowd was about one meal short of a riot! Fortunately the Project Police, with their years of military training, took command of the situation and easily controlled the crowd by marshalling everyone in line behind us--an obvious solution!

After dinner, Paul Poberezny and Ray Stits honored everyone with a few short words about the EAA family and how much it has motivated them during the last 40 years! Yes, EAA is 40 years old and Chapter 1 has been with it from the start! Congratulations to EAA and EAA Chapter 1! This fund-raiser had all the feel of a family picnic which seemed to confirm Paul and Ray's words. Even the somewhat rambunctious Chapter 1000 members felt at home. We still want to know who donated the kitty-litter-toilet-training-device for a door prize however! What a great party!!!

Ed. Note: While at the aforementioned party, many of the members of other chapters stood up and said where they were from and what they were famous for. An unnamed Project Police officer, when it was our turn to speak, proudly proclaimed that Chapter 1000 has more zeroes in it than any other Chapter in EAA. Hyuck, hyuck.

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